The Australian Cot Standard AS/NZS 2172

Cot Safety Guidlines on New and Second Hand Baby Cots

The Australian Cot Standard AS/NZS 2172 is a safety guidline for manufacturers and is provided as consumer protection to indicate that cots meets national and international standards. New baby cots must meet the specified safety requirements outlined by the standard and those that pass will display the certified logo.

Cots and any other baby nursery furniture that do not come up to standard and pose a safety threat are recalled by the ACCC. Please refer to our Stay Informed Stay Safe page for recalls in baby furniture.

"This Standard specifies safety requirements for cots. These include material, design, construction, performance, labelling and marking requirements, all of which are important for the well-being of children who use cots. The Standard is applicable to cots for use in household situations. It is not applicable to folding cots."

History of the Cot Standard

  • First published in Australia as AS 2172-1978.
  • Second edition 1981.
  • Third edition 1983.
  • Fourth edition 1991.
  • First published in New Zealand as NZS 5810:1979.
  • Second edition 1992.
  • AS 2172-1991 and NZS 5810:1992 jointly revised, amalgamated and redesignated as AS/NZS 2172:1995.
  • Sixth edition 2003.

Please read an overview of the The Australian Cot Standard AS/NZS 2172 provided in PDF format. This document will open in a new window. Please note that there is an updated standard for cots. Further details can be viewed at SAIGlobal.

Certified Product

What is the red ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark?

Australian Standard Five Ticks logo

The red "five ticks" StandardsMark is a globally recognised symbol of safety and quality. It indicates that a product has been independently tested and meets the recognised national or international standards.

How do products obtain the red ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark?

SAI Global conducts third party assessments on products and provides independent assurance that the product meets national and international standards.

To obtain a red “five ticks” Certified Product StandardsMark, manufacturers must have their products and manufacturing processes assessed to some of the world's toughest safety standards.

SAI Global also provides ongoing monitoring of products to ensure that their safety and quality are maintained.

Where can I find the red ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark?

The red ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark can be found on all types of products ranging from babies dummies to safety glass.

Next time you are shopping for a safe and reliable product, look out for the red "five ticks" Certified Product StandardsMark.

What can I expect from a product that features the red ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark?

Eight in ten Australians recognise the 'five ticks' StandardsMark and see reliability, quality assurance and safety as its most valuable attributes.
(Source: Consumer Survey conducted by the independent market research agency UMR)

Information provided by SAIGlobal