Buy a Cot Online at Auction

A Guide to Buying on eBay

A few hints and tips to buying a cot online at auction with eBay Australia.

Does the cot comply to Australian safety standards?
The seller should advise in the item description if the cot is safe. If not ask the seller to check for a label showing that the cot meets the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Safety Standard for cots AS/NZS 2172. For second hand cots, the presence of the logo or similar mark will show that the cot complied in the past and can be checked further.
Is the cot in good condition?
All rails and base slats should present and they should not be splintered or damaged unless indicated by the seller as such. On metal cots rails and bars should not be bent or damaged.
Are the cot dimensions safe?
Generally the minimum depth of a fixed-base cot is 600mm from the mattress base to the top of the lowest side or end when the access is closed. Spaces between bars no less than 50mm and no more than 85mm. Space between cot sides and the mattress should be no more than 25mm Finger traps - no spaces between 5mm and 12mm wide. Arm and leg traps - no spaces between 30mm and 50mm wide. Head traps and fall through hazards - no gaps wider than 85mm. Protrusions - nothing sticking out further than 8mm
Is the base of the cotadjustable?
There should be no more than two base heights on a cot. Distance between top of mattress base and top of the lowest side or end must be at least: 400mm when the drop side is up and the base is in the highest position, 600mm when the drop side is up and the base is in its lowest position, 250mm when the drop side is down and the base is in its highest position.
Are edges of the cot smoothand rounded with no screws or wing nuts sticking out?
This is to prevent injuries from splinters or sharp edges as well as preventing the child’s clothing from snagging on protrusions within the cot.
Is the cot sturdy?
Cots have to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, so the sides, end and base should be rigid and not bend when shaken.
Are there any footholds in the cot that would allow a child to climb?
Most cot injuries are the result of children falling. For this reason, there should be no bars or other objects in the cot that allow a child to climb.
Does the cot have castors or wheels?
Where castors or glides are provided each castor must be 50mm diameter or less. The cot can have 2 castors, or 2 glides, or 2 castors (withbrakes) and 2 glides, or 4 castors (2 with brakes).
Are catches on the drop side in good condition?
The drop side will have to endure thousands of openings and closings over its lifetime. It is therefore important that the drop side locks inplace when closed and it should take two separate movements to move the side down.
Is a mattress supplied with the cot?
A mattress supplied with the cot should fit snugly. There should be no gaps over 25mm in the sides or end of the cot. Take care to check the fit if you intend to buy a mattress separately.
Are any instructions or safety warnings supplied with the cot?
Clear and concise instructions on how to erect the cot.Information about recommended mattress size. Warning that the mattress base should be adjusted to the lowest position when the child is able to situp.

Mandatory safety standard for household cots per Victorian Consumer Affairs