What type of cot should I buy?

Help choosing a cot

Baby bedding is requirement for all babies and toddlers and many parents ask "what type of cot should I buy?" The answer quite simply depends on your needs and your baby's needs. To help you decide on what cot to buy review these differences in cots and get a better understanding. From there you can make an informed decision on a baby cot that suits your needs.

There are many cot styles and designs for sale. There are timber cots, which are available in white as well as many kinds of stained wood such as oak, teak, mahogany, walnut, beech to name a few. There are solid standard traditional cots, antique iron cots and stylish sleigh cots. And for a temporary easy to transport or store option there are portable cots also known as porta cots. These are great for travel cots or to have as a spare at mum and dad's place for sleepovers.

Your baby bedroom decor should be considered when choosing a cot. If you have a colour or theme already in mind you can find a cot to match. A popular colour is a white cot which gives any nursery a clean, crisp look and will match any bedding. As mentioned above there are a number of timber tones available too that can match your other baby furniture.

Aside from the decor you should consider your day to day needs when selecting a cot. One or two drop down sides suit many parents to save the back when bending to pick up or place your baby down to sleep. Keep in mind the option of a one-handed operated lever to drop the cot side down for times when your partner has left the side up and baby is asleep in the other arm! You can always do with extra storage too so consider a cot with a drawer underneath which is handy for storing extra bedding. Another option is a cot that converts to a toddler bed. As your baby grows up you will be able to use this type of cot for longer as it turns into a small bed. A great saving on bedding as well as the bed.

All these different types of cots are available from the top baby brands such as Boori, Gro Years, Childcare, BabyCo, Mother's Choice, Love n Care and many more and all comply with Australian Cot Standard AS/NZS 2172 for safety. Take your time and browse through all the different types of cots and be sure to get what you need for your baby. Whether you need a standard cot, portable cot or toddler bed you will find and can buy it here at Baby Bedroom. Having an understanding of the different types of baby cots available for sale will indeed make for a better purchase. And be sure to read the Cot Safety New & Used article to understand the standards that apply to new and used baby cots. Everyone can appreciate saving money and buying a second hand cot is a great option.