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Select from a range of baby bassinettes for sale. Brands inlcude Boori, Love n Care, Gro Years and many others. Styles of bassinette include wooden cradles, slings and hammocks and wicker baskets in white. Many items include bedding such as a mosquito net and halo stand, mattress, sheets, blankets, quilts and quilt covers. Be sure to view all baby bassinettes for sale to find a bargain.

Sold Baby Bassinettes

Great deals found on baby bassinettes and cradles on eBay Australia.

Valco baby bassinette with stand $31

A Valco baby bassinette with stand and mattress sold for $31 after 3 bids. Blue and white in colour and in fantastic condition this made for a real bargain.

Wooden cradle with rocker $66

Selling for just $66.12 after 7 bids this lovely wooden baby cradle/bassinet in great condition was a steal. Suitable for newborn to 6 months this bassinet came with rocker option and wheels for ease of movement.

New Cariboo baby bassinette $200

A new Cariboo baby bassinette sold for $200 with only 1 bid. This near new and never used natural walnut timber framed bassinette represented a great buy for a lucky bidder.