Setting Up A Baby Nursery

What to Buy, When to Buy, Tips and Resources

Setting up a baby nursery is very important. Planning is key as a baby will spend a lot of time in their bedroom especially in their cot and on the change table. It can be a costly exercise and can take a great deal of time but with the help of this article you can get organised and save money.

Essential Baby Bedroom Furniture

Some essential items for your baby's bedroom include:

  • Cot
  • Change table
  • Chest of drawers
  • Nursing chair, glider, rocker, recliner
  • Bedside table for next to the nursing chair

With these 5 basic pieces you have a practical start with everything you need for your baby. There are many choices for the style and design of a baby nursery and it is a very personal decision. Above all this though is to ensure you and your baby's safety. Set up your nursery with functionality in mind. Position the change table so that you have access to the shelves below it (for a 3 tier) or storage cabinet or drawer (for a sleigh baby change table), but not near curtains or under shelves. For the cot be sure to buy one that complies to the Australian Cot Standard AS/NZS 2172 and read these cot safety guidelines. Position the cot away from windows, curtains, blind cords, power points, under shelves etc. Once the position of the cot and change table are selected you can arrange the other furniture accordingly. Be sure to organise everything in such a way that they are all convenient to get to and use on a daily basis.

Buying On a Budget

Brand new nursery furniture is expensive! But buy online with you will save. The 5 basic items listed total $2,739.75 (based on catalogue prices 2009/2010 popular baby shop)

  • Chest of drawers - BOORI 4 DRW CHEST ENGLISH OAK $799.95
  • Nursing chair, glider, rocker, recliner - LOVE N CARE GLIDER CHAIR BLACK with ottoman $349.95
  • Bedside table - BOORI BEDSIDE TABLE ENGLISH OAK $589.95

Similar items can be bought for a total of $995. Buying direct from the factory or second hand is a great way to stay well within any budget and the extra money can be spent on all the other nursery items that you will need.

See the latest basic 5 baby bedroom furniture currently available with

When to Setup the Baby Nursery

A popular question for new parents is "When do I setup the baby nursery?". The answer is a personal one and is based on your own situation. But as you count down from around 26 weeks the time flies. Getting organised at this time (at the latest) will help keep those stress levels down. By around 30 weeks nesting is well and truly affecting you so having the practical decisions already made will also help your mind and your money.

Tips and Resources

Choosing a Cot

Read this article for help choosing a cot to buy for your baby's nursery. Review different styles, colours and types of cots available for sale.

Cot Styles and Designs

Our guide to help you understand the different types of baby cots available.

Discount Baby Furniture

Learn how to find a bargain on cots, change tables, glider chairs and other nursery furniture with

Safety features and functionality must be considered when setting up the nursery. Below are a couple of external links to information and advice on this exciting step.

Sites of Interest

Popular site Huggies has advice and ideas on nursery furniture and include things to consider when buying and setting up the nursery.

BubHub also provide a handy checklist for essential nursery equipment.

Safe Sleeping

SIDS (Sudden Infants Death Syndrome)

Keeping baby safe: a guide to nursery furniture

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has published an electronic publication information to help you make sure your child's nursery is a safe place. Please be sure to read Keeping baby safe: a guide to nursery furniture. Publication: Keeping baby safe: a guide to nursery furniture