Rocker or Glider?

What is the Difference?

A baby nursery is not complete without a breastfeeding or nursing chair but what's the difference between the ones available to us today? There are many types available but there are two very distinctive diferences.

The traditional rocking chair also known as a rocker has two curved legs or base allowing for the rocking movement, while the modern gliders have a flat base with tracks for forward and backward movement. Some gliders have a swivel base that sits flat on the floor which also allows the chair to gently rotate.

A further definition for each as per the Internet's source of wisdom Wikipedia is as follows.

Glider (furniture)

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A glider or platform rocker is a type of rocking chair that moves as a swing seat, where the entire frame consists of a seat attached to the base by means of a double-rocker four bar linkage. The non-parallel suspension arms of the linkage cause the chair to simulate a rocking-chair motion as it swings back and forth.

Gliders are popular as a nursery furnishing for assisting parents in feeding newborn babies. Because pinch points are moved away from the floor, a glider is marginally safer for pets and toddlers.

Rocking chair

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A rocking chair or rocker is a type of chair with two curved bands of wood (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs (one on the left two legs and one on the right two legs). The chair contacts with the floor at only two points, giving the occupant the ability to rock back and forth by shifting his/her weight or pushing lightly with his/her feet. Many find rocking chairs soothing because of the gentle motion. Rocking chairs are also comfortable because, when a user sits in one without rocking, the chair automatically rocks backwards until the sitter's center of gravity is met, thus granting an ergonomic benefit with the occupant kept at a very unstressed position and angle. Varieties of rockers include those mounted on a spring base (or platform) called "platform rockers" and those with swinging braces commonly known as gliders.

They are also often associated with parenting, as the gentle rocking motion often soothes and quiets a fussy infant.